It’s Not What You Think, It’s How You Think

The Reading Club was conceived as a new kind of private social club. An attempt to engineer a culture and community around conversation, reason, and humanity. We want to surround ourselves and create thoughtful relationships with people who love their work, whatever it may be. People who value mastery and are in pursuit of it in their fields, crafts, passions, or industries. Who go deep, not just wide. The Reading Club isn’t aligned with any particular profession or point of view. It isn’t about wealth, status, or affiliation. In fact, we believe getting outside the sphere of like-mindedness is the key to improving one’s intellectual and emotional well-being. The Reading Club has a hand-selected membership of curious, articulate, interesting people who value conversation and are driven to learn. Physically it is located on the rooftop of the InterContinental in downtown San Diego. Philosophically, it is rooted in Plato’s Republic, Seneca’s Rome, and the Socratic method.

Foremost, A Collective of Good People

The Reading Club is a discreet and intimate place to eat, drink and relax. A quiet place to work and a loud place to socialize. We believe some of the reasons for being are food, books, reflection, relationships, good work, and rest, and we’ve created a club to promote these values. Members enjoy access to The Reading Club, which includes a members-only restaurant and bar, meeting rooms, an outdoor rooftop terrace, and quiet spaces with bay and city views. Members will also have access to the gym and pool at the InterContinental Hotel. The Reading Club is home to a rare spirits and wine vault, and a perpetual library with a curated selection of great reads. Beyond the club space, member privileges include fringe benefits at all CH bars and restaurants.

A Private Members Club.

Opening member selection for The Reading Club is based upon Membership Committee approval. Apply here.

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